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We’re gearing up for a ground-breaking project

Things are moving fast at Good Earth Dairy, as we progress plans of a $20 million project that will see us expand our production and manufacturing capacity and amplify revenue-generating capability. Thanks to the generosity of the WA State Government, we’ve already secured a $4.4 million grant.


Aus Camel Dairies Pty Ltd – Share Offer

On [Day, Date, Month Year], Aus Camel Dairies Pty Ltd (ABN XXX) (the Company) announced that it is conducting a Share Offer to existing shareholders of fully paid ordinary shares in the Company (New Shares) at an offer price of $0.16 per New Share to raise a maximum A$500,000.00.

Participation in the Share Offer is optional. Eligible Shareholders may apply to purchase New Shares in a parcel with a minimum dollar amount of A$2,000.

The issue of New Shares will be at a 20% discount to the intended major capital raise for the infant formula facility.Share holder participation in the Share Offer must register their interest via a Share Offer Acceptance Form . Once received by the Company the shareholder will be notified with the details of the shares subscription.


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The Share Offer will be open for a limited period and registration for New Share will close on [Day, Date, Month Year] unless the parcel allocation is exhausted earlier. The Company reserves the right to extend the Share Offer for up to an additional 30 days after the registration close if New Shares are forfeited.

Proceeds of the Share Offer will be used as partial consideration to launch a new product range into the market for supermarket chains. Following the award of a A$4.4m State Government Investment Attraction Grant. The Company will look to raise a further A$15m to build an infant formula powered milk facility.

The Board are excited to bring this offer to existing shareholders to realise the WA State Government Investment Attraction Grant funding, open new markets with powdered milk products and enhance the value of the company as it approaches the imminent major capital raise later this year.



Your investment will help us fast-track our ability to capitalise on advancing dairy trends both locally and globally, with funds funnelled directly into a strategic $20 million infrastructure project. Our Infant Formula Powder facility – the first of its kind in the state will ensure we are strongly positioned to capitalise on the opportunity to redefine the 100-billion-dollar global infant formula industry. We’re also vastly improving the capability of our primary production and fresh milk manufacturing: We will invest in a new dairy equipped to husband 3,000 animals, with a vastly expanded manufacturing facility set to produce 60,000L of milk a day. At $5/L revenue, this represents a potential of $109 million per annum waiting to be monetised.

  • Ground-breaking $20 million project.
  • First infant formula facility in WA
  • Vastly increased production capacity
  • Backed by $4.4 million government grant


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Thank you for your continued support of Good Earth Dairy.
Best Regards
Marcel Steingiesser
Executive Chairman

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By expressing your interest, you are making a non-binding indication of your interest to participate in Aus Camel Diaries Pty Ltd private share offer to existing, eligible shareholders. Aus Camel Diaries Pty Ltd will communicate with interested parties separately, and independently.