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Good News for Camel Milk Lovers!

We are excited to announce, new research straight for the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations. This research indicates that famine and starvation in the past, could have been dramatically reduced with camel milk. This research suggests, that camel milk consists of crucial vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy body. The Food and Agricultural Organisation, has explored the idea that camel milk has positive pharmaceutical properties, in relation to Gastrointestinal health, diabetes, and auto-immune diseases.

Other research entities have done further studies. A few of these are noted below:

Gastrointestinal health

Lactoferrin is a protein found in milk, including humans, cows and camels, and performs an important role in protecting against microbial infection. The findings indicate, that lactoferrin found in camels’ has a high heat resistance than regular cows’ milk. Therefore resulting in higher amounts of lactoferrin found in pasteurised camels’ milk.


Although further research must be conducted on this topic,  recent studies indicate that diagnosed diabetics who drank camel milk found they needed less insulin shots a day, with some individuals reducing their insulin intake from 34 doses to 17 doses a month.


Research conducted explores the positive benefits from camel milk for those suffering from inflammatory bowel disease, as camel milk inhibits the release of an enzyme, related to immune response.

For more information and a full reference list have a read of our benefits page


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